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Our five distinct, yet integrated service groups work together to develop and implement the full range of tailored, strategic communications technology solutions that best fit our customers.

  • Building and Campus Group – Installs data and voice cabling within buildings and across corporate, industrial, and academic campuses.
  • MAN/WAN Group – Implements metropolitan area network and wide area network projects, which link facilities that are tens to hundreds of miles apart. They handle a full range of outside communications construction needs, including: underground and aerial, copper and private fiber, satellite, and microwave.
  • Facility Engineering Group – Provides infrastructure design and engineering for local and wide area projects, and secures necessary permits. For local area projects this includes designing cabling layouts and telecommunication closets. For wide area projects this includes conducting feasibility studies and surveys, designing cabling routes, and specifying materials.
  • System Engineering Group/Network Architecture Group – Specializes in local area network design and integration, protocol analysis, network security, firewalls, and operating systems.
  • Professional Services Group – Provides full-time or project-based contract workers. Professionals in this group include experts in telecommunications technologies, engineering, troubleshooting, and project management.


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